Please Help Us Get Into Your Favorite Retail Store

Charlie's Table is now available in New York City: Westerly Natural Market
911 8th Avenue
New York, New York 10019

Charlie's Table customers want the flexibility to purchase online and at their favorite retail stores. Please let your local grocery store know you want them to carry Charlie's Table gluten-free pasta. Retailers listen to their customers, especially for loyal, vocal segments of their customer base,  including their growing number of gluten-free customers. Click on the link below to our marketing material that provides retailers with all of the information they need to order Charlie's Table products. Either email your request to your local store manager attaching the document or make a copy and hand deliver it next time you are at the store. Please let us know who you have reached out to at

To all of our customers,

Thank you for the tremendous support given to Charlie's Table during our first two years!

The Charlie's Table Team