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Our Story

Our Story

The spark that started Charlie's Table was a conversation during a journey on a bicycle ride across Manhattan. The riders were both coming from a hospital where they’d spent time caring for their mutual friend Charlie. Charlie was known for his compassionate, exemplar lifestyle, charitable work and sharing fresh, nutritious food and companionship with family and friends at his kitchen table.


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Charlie's Table Oasis

Charlie's Table Oasis was created to be the most comprehensive resource for anyone looking to live a Gluten-Free Lifestyle, regardless of choice or need. We have created best in class Guides to Gluten-Free living that provide the most up to date information, advice and best practices to help you along on your journey. Our Guides are peer reviewed and updated regularly. 

Charlie's Table Oasis is also dedicated to educating restaurants on best practices in order to help restaurants create a safe, gluten-free environment for their customers. That way people can enjoy dinner out with family and friends without the worry of accidentally being glutened. It's a win-win for all!


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