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As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency, we are announcing a change to our ingredients list - enzymes are being removed from our recipe, and cultured sugar (a natural preservative) is being added. For almost a year we’ve been closely working with our food manufacturer, food scientists, and the original creators of the recipe to ensure there is no change to the taste, texture and appearance of our products.

While our products continue to be available at the online store, we’ve received a great deal of feedback regarding the wish for our pasta to be available in grocery stores across the country. As we’re increasing our efforts to expand to retail stores, this ingredient change will increase the shelf life of our products and make it easier for retailers to carry them. 

Click on any product in the Online Store to review the updated Ingredients and Nutrition Facts.


Carol Kicinski
Founder, Simply Gluten Free Magazine

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What people are saying

Tony G

Italian Pasta Equipment Insider

"I have worked side-by-side with pasta companies throughout my career, building and servicing their machinery on behalf of a very well-respected Italian food equipment manufacturer. I challenge anyone to tell the difference between Charlie’s Table gluten-free pasta and pasta made with semolina. It is an extraordinary product!"

Jessica H

Gluten-Free Blogger

"Last year I attended an event with the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup Group hosted by Charlie’s Table. I was incredibly impressed by both the quality of the fresh pasta and the company’s dedication to the gluten free community. In my opinion, it’s the best gluten free pasta on the market."

Brian G

Natural Food Industry Executive

"In my 25+ years in the natural foods industry, Charlie’s Table gluten-free pasta is by far the best on the market. It tastes as good as any wheat based pasta I have come across served at white tablecloth restaurants and it’s available online and at your neighborhood grocery store!"

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