Our Team

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David S. Landay

Co-founder and CEO

David has a history of founding/running organizations, starting with Wharton/Harvard Law and continuing through being the youngest president of a public life insurance company in the country, a published author, Broadway producer, founder of a variety of non-profit organizations including Broadway Cares and board member of a batch of national non-profit organizations. He still serves on the board of the non-profit Until There’s A Cure.

Bennett Hirsch

Co-founder and President

Bennett’s career began in logistics and he continues to be engaged in the development of solutions demanded by the emergence of the internet and the fundamental shift it is making on consumer buying behavior. Bennett has also owned and operated national QSR’s, and has created products and sourced co-packer manufacturing for the food service industry. Bennett holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from Binghamton University and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Memphis. 

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Joining David and Bennett is a growing team of talented individuals representing numerous disciplines representing world class chefs, food science, gluten-free manufacturing, distribution, creative design, sales representation, marketing, social media, web development and IT to name just a few.

Credits for images on the web site: thebedit.com and Alexander Craig.