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Our Pledge

Following Charlie’s lead, we are committed to offering food products that fill particular food lifestyle or medical needs that are as good as, and preferably better than, the best food products that do not meet these needs. We started with artisanal fresh pasta and sauces. We are committed to treating our customers like guests at our table. This means:

• We make it a number one priority to know our customers – including likes, dislikes and health needs.
• Our team of world class chefs works to delight all the people at the table, not just people who have, or choose, to eat a particular way.
• Just as in the finest restaurants and homes, we aim to appeal to visual senses as well, particularly when it makes for a better product. For instance, our pasta is hand crafted using traditional bronze cut dies. The gritty, rough texture generated by our traditional dies allows for superior sauce adhesion to our pasta.
• As good hosts and hostesses, we make sure that all our foods are not only the best we can make them, but also as healthy as we can make them.
• We manufacture exclusively in a 100% dedicated gluten-free facility
• Every Charlie’s Table product is
      o GFCO certified gluten-free
      o Certified OK Kosher Pareve
• We use only simple natural ingredients
      o Non-GMO
      o Dairy free
      o Soy free
      o Peanut free
• To help insure a good meal, as needed, we will offer complementary products. For instance, we complement our pastas with a family of sauces, produced in small kettle batches.

Charlie’s Table: Always artisanal. Always Gluten-Free. Where everyone is always welcome.

Please check out Social Responsibility to learn about our efforts to support food insecure people who need to eat gluten-free.
Also visit our Practical Gluten-Free Guide.

If you have Celiac Disease, please consider joining the Celiac Disease Foundation’s Registry: https://celiac.org/icureceliac/

Providing information to the Registry helps researchers learn more about the disease.
The information helps advance treatments and, hopefully, a cure.