Welcome To Charlie's Table

There is nothing quite like sharing together with friends and family at a dinner table. Likewise, there is nothing quite like being excluded from that experience.

That’s why we started Charlie’s Table: to be sure there would be a seat at the table for everyone, including people who need to eat a certain way – whether because of a medical need or choice. It doesn’t take a lot of work to create a recipe with wheat which contains gluten. On the other hand, it does take hard work and creativity to make food that everybody at the table loves that’s not only gluten-free and kosher (pareve) -- but also as good as, if not better than, what would otherwise have been served.

We’re starting with a variety of fresh artisanal pastas, created by an Italian American chef who became gluten intolerant. Traditional Italian bronze-cut dies hold sauce better. We also have sauces created to blend with the pasta. While all our foods will be gluten-free, we’re exploring what health conditions/lifestyles/food choices to consider next. 


Charlie’s Table: Always artisanal. Always Gluten-Free. Where everyone is always welcome.

Please check out Social Responsibility to learn about our efforts to support food insecure people who need to eat gluten-free. Also visit our Practical Gluten-Free Guide. 

If you have Celiac Disease, please consider joining the Celiac Disease Foundation’s Registry:  https://celiac.org/icureceliac/

Providing information to the Registry helps researchers learn more about the disease. The information helps advance treatments and, hopefully, a cure.