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Social Responsibility


Guide to Living Gluten-Free

During more than a year of turning our idea for Charlie’s Table into a self-sustaining business, we learned that eating a particular way raised a lot of questions for people – questions they could google- but never quite be sure of the truth of what popped up or how to find particular practical information of interest. As it turned out, one of our founders, David S. Landay Esq., a graduate of Wharton and Harvard Law Schools, had spent more than 30 years helping people with life-challenging conditions and was the author of Be Prepared, The Complete Practical, Legal and Financial Guide To Living With HIV, Cancer And Other Life Challenging Conditions. David led the writing of our guide, Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease: A Practical Guide which pulls together best practices information about a wide variety of every day subjects. The guide will be available for release shortly and Charlie’s Table is committed to continually revising the guide to meet ongoing practical needs as well as to keep it up to date. 

Help For People Who Are Food Insecure

Charlie’s Table will support people who need to eat gluten-free and are food insecure by donating a percentage of our profits through Classical Action, a division of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS (BC/EFA). Our namesake, Charlie Hamlen, was founder of Classical Action. One of our founders was also a founder of Broadway Cares. BC/EFA has raised over $300,000,000 for people with AIDS and cancer, as well as for people who are food insecure, and other causes. For more information, see BroadwayCares.org



Not wanting to be limited by the number of pages in a printed text, and wanting to cover more subjects and in greater depth (for instance, an article on the best way to complete each question on the application for Social Security Disability), David spearheaded creation of a non-profit which created the website: SurvivorshipAtoZ.org. The concept behind the site was the realization that the practical, legal and financial aspects were the same for just about every life challenging condition. Specific guides were then created with the help of disease specific organizations that, in a sense, sit on top of the basic information – allowing people to dig down into practical information as and when needed.
Charlie’s Table is committed to investing in new IT and updating the website. We are also exploring turning it into an open source website – where experts in particular areas can update and edit related content. If you have particular expertise, or have a friend who does, who may be interested in helping, please contact David at dlanday@charliestable.com 

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