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Edna Landau

Hamlen/Landau Management

Dear David: Thank you for informing me about the initiatives that have been created in Charlie's memory. Please keep me posted re: the opportunity to contribute to the non-profit. As per your request, I am forwarding a photo of Charlie and me that dates from about 1980, about one year after I began working with Charlie. it was taken outside the brownstone on west 85th street where we had our one room office. When I first started working with Charlie, in 1979, the company was called Hamlen Management. Only six months later, he came to me and said that he thought it was only fair to rename the company Hamlen/Landau Management because he felt that my contribution was equal to his. That generosity and sensitivity was typical of all of our interactions over 13 years of working together. There was a certain magic that existed between us. It allowed us to borrow $65,000 from a bank to support our management when we had absolutely no collateral whatsoever. I can honestly say that none of the success I have achieved or joy I have experienced from working with some of the world's greatest performing artists would have happened without Charlie believing in me and being "the wind beneath my wings". He was one of a kind. Warmest regards, Edna

Ann Goldsmith

Little Brother Poem

When he was four, he clomped and jingled through the house in her high heels and necklaces.

When he was five, he was going to Smith College because she was there.

When he was six, she was the only one who could brush the quicksilver tail of his imaginary squirrel, Red.

There was a time when she played the piano better than he did, spoke more French, too.

There was a time in the days of little brothers when to be twelve years older was to be keeper of the keys.

But then the rains came, westering winds shouldered in, lop-eared dogs of love.

While she whirled and fell, burned up in a few lightning strikes, he went to France, learned whole verses of big city blues, fingered the strings of other hearts.

He grew long like a river, reeds conversing along his banks in several languages, prisms turning in his currents.

They laugh at the same antics now, risk the same transparencies. He shares her odd affinity for crows and rocky pastures.

But as she looks up at him her brother disappears in plain sight, absconded to his own kingdom, an intricacy of keys hung from his belt.

He may unlock a few city gates for her, but he has business far inland and will not return before dark.

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Fred Patella 

Con Sordino Piano Services 

A dear friend for over 40 years before we lost him, I'm still amazed by how large and diverse was the population of all who also called Charlie a dear friend. We'll often hear about "birds of a feather"...but how often do we encounter a bird of EVERY feather. I only knew the one, this remarkable man who was our friend.    

Jacqueline Z. Davis

I will always remember Charlie for so many reasons that mirror those of others - particularly his generosity. He will be at the top of the list of people who listen carefully when we have needed him. I remember calling Charlie from Kansas City when my boyfriend and I broke up. I was flying home to NYC that afternoon. Charlie told me to meet him at Vice Versa that evening. I told him the whole sad story and realized after an hour, that he had sat patiently simply listening with an expression that said - go on for as long as you need. I walked away from our dinner thinking that I felt so much better. I was reminded that I may have lost a boyfriend but I would never lose Charlie - and we all never will. 🌺 


Leading by example can sound like the ultimate cliché but our friend Charles Hamlen lived those words. He always had something positive and encouraging to say to each person he encountered. Charlie's Table is following that example as they reach out to encourage and help others while providing a product of the highest quality. Enjoy! A (grateful) friend of Charlie