Sampler #1: Garganelli, Gemelli, Rigatoni and Tagliatelle

New to Charlie's Table? Don't know what types of artisanal pastas are right for you? Just want to enjoy great tasting Charlie's Table gluten-free pasta in as many ways as possible? The original Sampler #1 is for you! In this one product, you will serve 4 distinct Charlie's Table gluten-free pastas. Enjoy a selection that includes 9 ounce containers of Garganelli, Gemelli, Rigatoni and Tagliatelle. And, of course, all of these pastas have been handcrafted on our old world Italian pasta machines with bronze cut dies that create a gritty texture to hold the sauce on the pasta.

4; 9oz containers | 36 oz total of gluten-free pasta

Charlie's Table


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